About Us

Did you know?  Dirty Hippies provides this marketplace for our amazing Partners to sell their ethical products.  but we also sell our own-branded Organic clothing, Sustainable homeware and Natural skincare.

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We are the Dirty Hippies, jump in and join our tribe!

Based in the UK, we are nonconformists, free thinkers, loose spirited and living each day on this precious earth with gratitude and presence (although sometimes we get grumpy or hangry along with the best of them!)

We work with local artists to support their creations in our collabs, and we select organic fabrics and recycled/recyclable materials wherever possible.

We are working with our suppliers to green-ify our packaging and fulfilment, but we acknowledge that this is a work in progress and we are at the beginning of our journey there.

For example, Shop, our shopping assistant app, offsets the delivery emissions of all purchases made using Shop Pay at no cost to you, as shown here...

We also support leading mental health charities such as CALM.

By buying our products you are investing in this change too. Namaste, blessings, peace out!



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