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00447972226139, Dirty Hippies, and Dirty Hippies UK are all trading names of Spira Technologies Ltd.  

Company No: 09692552

VAT No: GB224002765

Incorporated: 20 July 2015


Ethical, sustainable, hippies, bohemian, boho, boho-chic, handmade, organic, recycled, reusable, responsibly sourced, upcycled, vegan, vintage.

Sustainable homeware, sustainable fashion, sustainable skincare, sustainable toys, sustainable education, sustainable food, sustainable gifts, sustainable accessories.

Ethical homeware, ethical fashion, ethical skincare, ethical toys, ethical education, ethical food, ethical gifts, ethical accessories.

Bohemian homeware, bohemian fashion, bohemian skincare, bohemian toys, bohemian education, bohemian food, bohemian gifts, bohemian accessories.

Boho homeware, boho fashion, boho skincare, boho toys, boho education, boho food, boho gifts, boho accessories.

Boho-chic homeware, boho-chic fashion, boho-chic skincare, boho-chic toys, boho-chic education, boho-chic food, boho-chic gifts, boho-chic accessories.

Handmade homeware, handmade fashion, handmade skincare, handmade toys, handmade education, handmade food, handmade gifts, handmade accessories.

Organic homeware, organic fashion, organic skincare, organic toys, organic education, organic food, organic gifts, organic accessories.

Recycled homeware, recycled fashion, recycled skincare, recycled toys, recycled education, recycled food, recycled gifts, recycled accessories.

Upcycled homeware, upcycled fashion, upcycled toys, upcycled education, upcycled gifts, upcycled accessories.

Reusable homeware, reusable fashion, reusable skincare, reusable toys, reusable education, reusable food, reusable gifts, reusable accessories.

Responsibly sourced homeware, responsibly sourced fashion, responsibly sourced skincare, responsibly sourced toys, responsibly sourced education, responsibly sourced food, responsibly sourced gifts, responsibly sourced accessories.

Vegan homeware, vegan fashion, vegan skincare, vegan toys, vegan education, vegan food, vegan gifts, vegan accessories.

Vintage homeware, vintage fashion, vintage toys, vintage education, vintage gifts, vintage accessories.