Delivery Info

Delivery Times

Dirty Hippies is a marketplace with products sold and fulfilled by different UK vendors/sellers.  We refer to them as our Partners.

Many of our Partners create orders on demand to minimise inventory and production waste, so please allow 5 working days for them to make your orders.

Each Partner commits to ship using recognised shipping providers.  You should expect to receive your products within 7 working days (UK).  A little WAIT is better than a lot of WASTE! :-)

If your order contains items from multiple Partners, you will receive several packages at different times.  

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges vary according to Partners and products, and policies are clearly listed on each product page.  Many sellers offer free postage, or discounted rates when multiple items are purchased from the same seller.  Free or discounted postage applies to products from that Partner only, a mixed basket with products from different Partners will trigger different shipping charge rules.  This will all be calculated and clearly presented to you at checkout.

Once shipped, we ask sellers to provide you with tracking information and real-time shipping notifications wherever possible.

Exchanges & Returns
We always strive to offer you an exchange or return for unused products, no questions asked, within 30 days of delivery. 
Faulty or damaged goods, or those of an incorrect specification against the order - the selling Partner pays for your return shipping back to them.
If you change your mind or simply decide that the goods are not for you -- then you are liable to pay for the return shipping to our Partner. 
Some exceptions apply (e.g. with some Beauty products, or for some specific Partners) and these are clearly listed on individual product pages.  Your statutory rights remain unaffected.

We are always here if you need any support -

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