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Microgreens Grow Kit - The Grazer (Medium)

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The 2-tray Microgreens Grow Kit fits neatly on standard windowsills, providing you with the ability to graze on two fresh grows a month - feast on each individually, or pair them together and really up your garnish game!

Move over, foodie influencers. In your face, celebrity chefs. A new king or queen of the kitchen has arrived. It’s time to up your gourmet ingredient game by growing your own microgreens at home. These succulent seedlings are some of the tastiest and most natural ingredients aroundadding intense flavours to even the most modest of dishes.

You get a great big dose of goodness too. They’re packed with way more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you’ll find in standard supermarket veg. And with everything you need to get started included in this 2-tray microgreen grow kit, you’ll get to graze on two fresh grows a month with hardly any effort – except when it comes to cooking up a storm.

Measurements: 49 cm (length) x 20 cm (width) x 9.4 cm (height).

Why you’ll love microgreens…

  • They’re easy to grow – and we’ll help you over WhatsApp if you get stuck
  • They’re good for you – most have 40-70 times more nutrition than adult veg
  • There’s loads of choice – the diversity we need for our microbiome that we don’t find in the supermarket
  • They look great – a seriously snazzy windowsill farm
  • You can show off – they’re eco-friendly and you’ll impress all your dinner party friends with your gourmet flavours and colours

What’s in the box?

  • A beautiful wooden frame hand-made made in the UK
  • 6 strong and durable trays: 4 grow trays (one for a blackout dome) and 2 seed trays - all dishwasher proof and made in the UK from recycled plastic
  • Capillary mats to keep your seeds hydrated
  • Enough coco coir to turn your seeds into food
  • Special packs of seeds selected for optimum germination rates for microgreens, hand-picked by us to get you started
  • Easy to follow, visual growing instructions and recipe ideas

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