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Microgreens Grow Kit - The Chomper (Large)

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The 3-tray Microgreens Grow Kit - the full monty - fits neatly on standard windowsills. Feast on each individually, or pair them all together for a stunningly nutritious taste and visual sensation!

Say goodbye to your greenhouse. And get a sympathy card for your greengrocer. Because you won’t be needing either of them for a while, with our 3-tray microgreen grow kit in your lifeThere’s something special about growing your own. Everything just tastes that bit better. If you’re keen on living clean and green, you’ll get a huge health kick too, because these microgreens are packed full of goodness.

With a whopping 3 trays of super greens for your whole family to chomp on, you’ll be feasting on the freshest, zingiest seedlings all month long - with zero effort, because everything you need is included. And best of all, when there’s a Zombie apocalypse, and the rest of the world is scrambling around for the last of the tinned food, you can say “Follow me, people. I know how to grow.”

Why you’ll love microgreens…

  • They’re easy to grow – and we’ll help you over WhatsApp if you get stuck
  • They’re good for you – most have 40-70 times more nutrition than adult veg
  • There’s loads of choice – the diversity we need for our microbiome that we don’t find in the supermarket
  • They look great – a seriously snazzy windowsill farm
  • You can show off – they’re eco-friendly and you’ll impress all your dinner party friends with your gourmet flavours and colours

What’s in the box?

  • A beautiful wooden frame hand-made made in the UK
  • 9 strong and durable trays: 6 grow trays (one for a blackout dome) and 3 seed trays - all dishwasher proof and made in the UK from recycled plastic
  • Capillary mats to keep your seeds hydrated
  • Enough coco coir to turn your seeds into food
  • Special packs of seeds selected for optimum germination rates for microgreens, hand-picked by us to get you started
  • Easy to follow, visual growing instructions and recipe ideas

 Measurements:  72 cm (length) x 20 cm (widthx 9.4 cm (height)  

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